Frequently Asked Questions (Catering)

How much food do I need?

Our portions are generous.  Cultural and demographic factors including whether there will be alcohol will impact your needs (think munchies).  Feel free to shoot us an email with questions on your specific event letting us know if you prefer a response via e-mail, phone call or in person.  We’d be happy to answer any questions.

When do I need to place an order?

We ask for three days’ notice.  This is especially important when ordering Carnitas.  That particular dish requires our meat market to get additional pigs.  Those pigs then go through in-house butchering.  Only at that point can our grill begin the cooking process.

However, we’ve been known to receive orders and have them delivered and set up with as little as five hours’ notice.  Be forewarned, this is skating on thin ice.  In an emergency, give us a call.  We’ll let you know if we can pull it off.

Which is your most popular dish?

Asada Taco Meat… by far.  This particular meat outsells the rest of our meats together.

Beef, pork or chicken?

When possible, we recommend all three.  Simply cut the portion size down to tailor to the size of your party.  Still, Beef is the more popular option of the three.  

What is included with a full tray of a specific meat?

Our menu is designed a la carte.  So, the sides (cilantro, diced onions, etc…) will need to be ordered separately.

Taco Bar or Dishes?

Most of our corporate clientele opt for the fully prepared dishes.  And, the majority of our private clientele opt for the Taco Bar.  The reasoning is simple:  You’ll get better value from the Taco Bar as your guests essentially provide the labor for assembling their own plates.  Corporate customers often have greater room in their budgets to accommodate for more discerning tastes.

What price should I expect?

For those opting for the Taco Bar route, pricing typically comes in around $8 - $11 per person.

What else do you deliver?

For the moment, we only deliver for catering events.  However, we are actively working on expanding our delivery service to include meats from our butcher shop along with supporting product lines for outdoor grilling.